1985 Guild X-100 Blade Runner Pink Mint with Original Hard Case

$ 5,495.00

Original circa 1985 Guild X-100 Blade Runner in Pink with Blade Runner graphics. Mint condition time capsule, you open the case and the 1980s just seep out of it bringing you back to the days of Metal bands, Glam bands and Ronald Reagan in the back of your mind telling you to just say no to drugs...

A black version of this guitar was featured in the The Metropolitan Museum of Art. "Play It Loud: Instruments of Rock & Roll."

Here is the description from that exhibition:

This distinctive guitar with large cutouts presents a futuristic take on Gibson’s early space-age Explorer body. David Newell and Andrew Desrosiers licensed the design to Guild, which delivered an early example to Joe Perry of Aerosmith. Perry used the instrument in the music video for Run-DMC’s 1985 remix of “Walk This Way,” a landmark crossover between the worlds of rap and hard rock that also marked the first time rap appeared on MTV. Only about one hundred X-100 Blade Runners were produced during a single year of production.

Guitar plays great and sounds like the '80s - screamin!

This example is in near mint condition, we don't see any wear to it, and comes with cool heavy duty original case.

A wonderful example for the player and collector alike. Don't miss it!
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