~1983 Strings & Things Bluesmaster Custom Red

$ 3,999.00

Original circa 1983 Strings & Things Bluesmaster Custom in original Red finish.

About Stings and Things:
In 1978 Tom Keckler, Tom Anderson and David Schecter in Van Nuys, CA turned Schecter Guitar Research from a parts supplier to a guitar company. in 1983 Tom Keckler moved back to his hometown of Memphis, TN. He continued doing guitar work with the folks at Strings & Things in Memphis. Tom was passionate about 2 guitars; the Fender Telecaster and the Gibson Les Paul. So in early 1983, the Stings & Things "Bluesmaster" was born. Within weeks, the Bluesmaster was the hottest guitar in the industry, available only to rock stars and higher ups in the music business. Eric Clapton bought 2 in April 1983, Joe Walsh, Glenn Fry(Eagles), Bono(U2) and Billy Gibbons were all owners.

This particular example is a real nice example of a combo of a vintage Les Paul and a circa 1957 Stratocaster. The neck has a real cool V profile like a '57 Strat. Very unique and feels great.

Original humbucker pickups are super strong and warm with a very thick tone.

Beautiful red finish on a stunning Ash body with particularly nice wood grain. Nice and light and resonant.

Guitar is remarkably clean and completely original. There is some belt buckle wear to the back, that's about the most of the wear to the instrument.

Comes with a nice hardshell case.
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