1982 Gibson Moderne

$ 2,999.00

On June 27, 1957, Gibson President Ted McCarty filed three designs with the United States Patent Office which would come to be called "Flying V", "Explorer", and (unofficially, by later historians) "Moderne."

The design patents were issued on January 7, 1958, however, the Moderne was not put into production, and there is only a vague mention of "Mod. Guitars" on a shipping list, which some argue applies to Explorers.

They were "re"-issued by Gibson in 1980 at the NAMM show in Atlanta as part of the "Heritage Series" and later produced in Korea by Epiphone.

This example is from 1982. Two of the pots are dates '82, one is dated '80. Pickups and wiring is all original. Pickups sound amazing.

This is a nice example but it has been routed for a locking tremolo and re-filled.  It also has a professional head stock repair. All the work has been done professionally and it plays great as is. Hence the nice price.

Comes with original case with a replaced handle.

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