1981 Yamaha SBG2000 Black

$ 2,795.00

Vintage pre-owned, 1981 Yamaha SBG2000 in original Black finish.

This is a real nice example of this model, with some honest wear, but generally excellent condition.

Gibson had an issue with Ibanez making this guitar, with the double cutaway, and having the name sg, which I'm sure Yamaha did on purpose. Gibson was also super upset that this was outselling the les paul and was a better instrument. The lp standard was about $1200 and this was around $900.if you played both, the decision was obvious.

Plays and feels like a Les Paul with double cutaway. Original Ibanez humuckers are warm and thick, great for everything from Jazz to Rock to Punk and Grunge.

Santana played these as well as other greats.

This one is completely original just missing the pickguard.

Comes with a good hard case.
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