1973 Gibson Les Paul Custom Sunburst Killer Vibe Killer Tone

$ 4,999.00

Here is an original 1973 Gibson Les Paul Custom in original Sunburst finish. This particular example has a real killer vibe and a great look.

Nice and resonant. Original patent sticker pickups have that classic vintage Les Paul Custom tone. Lots of sustain....go have a bite, come back it will still be playing!

Guitar has lots of wear to it, the right kind of wear in all the right places. Guitar is original but the original tuners have been off and put back on, the jack plate is changed, and the speed knobs are a little later than the originals. Pots are original dated 1973 and the pickups are the Patent Stamp original, bridge pickup looks to have been restored with a new cover.

Neck has a nice fat feel and plays well. Frets are worn, but they still have life in them.

Comes with original hard case, black with purple interior and Gibson logo, handle is broken.

A real cool example for the player and collector alike.
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