1972 Fender® Stratocaster®

$ 3,995.00

Here is an absolutely killer original 4 bolt 1972 Fender Stratocaster. In 1972 the last of the 4 bolt Stratocasters were sold and this is one of them. Neck is dated 22 May 72 B. Neck has a nice a full feeling to it, feels like a '62 or '63 kind of profile. Plays incredibly well. The body has been refinished blonde but it is very difficult to tell. There is a filled route in the bridge position. Pickups are Fender Texas Specials and they sound fantastic. The pickguard is an original circa 1969 Fender pickguard with shell back. The bridge and saddles are vintage 1960s original Fender. This guitar has some remarkably fine parts and appointments that make for just a killer playing guitar. Tone and playability is out of this world. Guitar is light and resonant. A perfect guitar for gigging, recording, or just playing around the house. Comes with original tolex Fender hard case, too.

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