1971 Fender Stratocaster Red

$ 3,999.00

Vintage original 1971 Fender Stratocaster in a killer red refinish.

Guitar plays incredibly well. The neck is just perfect. This is one of the first three bolt necks Fender made as 1971 was the first year.

The neck has lots of wear and looks to have had a string tree behind the nut at one time, there are two filled holes there. It has been professionally regretted and it plays amazing.

The pickups and guard are all Fender Custom Shop pickups. They have a real nice vintage, warm Fender Strat bell tone, nice and spanky on the bridge setting, warm and smooth on the neck pickup.

The body has been routed for a hujbucker pickup and there's a filled route near the bridge as well.

Schaller tuners and a vintage 1960s Fender type bridge keep the guitar well in tune especially while using the vibrato.

Though this guitar has had work to it, it is original 1971 and it plays just incredible.

A Swedish flag sticker on the back which we left it's cool.

Comes with a nice deluxe G&G tolex hardshell case.
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