1964 Gibson SG JR Junior Red

$ 3,195.00

Vintage 1964 Gibson SG JR.

A light and resonant example. Neck is straight and plays great all the way up and down with a good low action and no buzz or issues. Stays in tune well and intonates well.

Guitar has been refinished. The pickup is a modern Gibson P-90 and the tuners are Schaellers, the best for staying in tune. Bridge is a Leo Quan Badass bridge so you can intonate the guitar correctly and stay in tune with other players. Pots are still original. All these upgrades make this a perfect players SG JR.

Guitar has a small professionally repaired heel crack, it is very small and not going anywhere but certainly should be mentioned.

Get a real Gibson SG JR for a nice price.

Comes with a good Gibson hard case.
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