1958 Maestro GA-45T 4 x 10" Speakers with Tremolo White Tolex

$ 2,199.00

Here is an original Maestro GA-45T in original White Tolex. Serial number dates it to circa 1958.


4x8" JBL Speakers.
Inputs (instr. + mic.): 2+2
Channels: 2
Volume Controls: 2
Tone Controls: Bass, treble
Tremolo: Depth, frequency
Tubes: 7 (2x5879, 6SQ7, 12AX7, 2x6V6, 5Y3)
Watts Output: 14-16

'the GA 45 [is] possibly the most coveted harp amp of all time due to its affiliation with Little Walter.

These amps have quite a reputation among guitarists and harp players alike. The chassis and tube configuration is that of the Gibson GA45 Les Paul amp. The speaker configuration of the Les Paul is 1x12". This Maestro is 4 x 8" speakers. The 4x8" give it a bigger sound making it a more usable amp for playing out. These amps are high on 'mojo.' They are like mini Fender 4x10 Bassmans.

Output section is 2x6V6 delivering approximately 20 watts, but with all of those little 8s wiggling around the amp is louder than you would think. For harp players you get a real nice breakup at a reasonable volume. For guitar players it's a sweet sweet tone perfect for recording and gigging.

Don't miss this amp it's rare and sounds KILLER!!!
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