Vintage 1960's Ampeg AEB-1 Electric Bass Guitar w/ original gig bag

$ 4,499.00

Ampeg made some of the coolest looking and best sounding basses of the 1960s era.   Innovators in the field with their B-15 amp, Baby Bass and this the AEB-1 solid body bass.    Has features of an upright bass in and electric solidbody.   It's a hollow body electiric bass with F holes and a nice and strong pickup underneath the pickgaurd.  Pickup is remarkably warm and fat with a nice round tone.   Scroll type headstock.    Three digit serial number on underside of tailpiece.  High quality vintage original tuners keep the instrument well in tune.    Neck is straight and plays great all the way up and down.   No buzz or issues.   Super resonant instrument, sounds great when it's not even plugged in.  Completely original though it is missing the bridge cover and the knobs appear to be repros.   Generally excellent condition with some honest signs of wear, some nicks and scratches on the body, all honest wear.   Purchased from the original owner who got it back in the 1960s in New Paltz, New York.   A wonderful example for the player and collector alike!  Comes with original vinyl gig bag!
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