Vintage original 1981 Adamas II Model 1681-9 Brown Sparkle w/ Original Case

$ 2,999.00

Vintage original 1981 Adamas II Model 1681-9 in original Brown Sparkle finish.

A real special Ovation, top of the line 1981.

This instrument is in excellent condition and in perfect working order.

There are some light signs of wear.

Overall, I would give it a solid 9 out of 10 condition.

Nice and clean and original.

There are no cracks, repairs, or issues.

The neck is straight with no issues. It plays fantastic with low action and no buzz. The original frets are in excellent condition with minor wear.

This guitar sounds and plays incredible. It sounds fantastic both acoustically and plugged in. A real nice example and an engineering phenom.

A wonderful example for the player and collector alike.

The original case works great.
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