Vintage 1973 Fender Mustang Competition Red w/ Original Case

$ 1,695.00

Here's an original pre-owned circa 1973 Fender Mustang in original Competition Red finish. This one is beat but sweet and all original, owned previously by a real rock and roll animal!

Tone is remarkable. Completely original pickups and wiring make for a classic vintage Mustang tone. Pots date 1966 even and they are original.

Previous owner did not worry about taking care of this guitar and it shows. There is a big mark on the lower side of the guitar where he would always put the guitar when he was done with it....maybe on cement, so the finish is worn away and its all marked up. The neck has some of the finish peeling and the body finish has significant amounts of checking to it. It also looks amazing! Aged real nice.

If you want a clean one, this one is not it. If you want one with some wear and a story to it that plays and sounds amazing and is all original, this is the one! Priced accordingly to the wear to it.

Keep the rock and roll alive!

Case is original but pretty beat up. Latches work and it's functional.
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