1960 Epiphone Wilshire Cherry Red w/ Hard Case

$ 4,999.00

Vintage original 1960 Epiphone Wilshire in original Cherry Red finish.

Guitar plays and sounds amazing....though it has suffered a headstock repair and a hell repair as well. It has been professionally repaired and is playing great as a result.

Neck is nice and straight and plays with a good low action, no buzz or issues. It's nice and fat with a '50s neck profile. It's been well set up and is playing great.

Original P-90s are strong and warm, clear and punchy. They sound just incredible....a wonderful recording guitar.

Original Cherry Red finish has a great look and it's worn in all the right places. A real road dog of a guitar with a killer look.

Original single line Kluson tuners keep the guitar well in tune.

Comes with a nice hard case, too.

Get a holy grail of a Gibson Epi for a reasonable price!
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