1993 THD 2 x 10 Plexi Amplifier Brown Tolex

$ 2,999.00

Here is a pre-owned original 1993 THD 2 x 10 Plexi Amp.

THD was located in Seattle, Washington. It was founded in 1986 by President and CEO Andrew Marshall. At one time specializing in hand-built, vacuum tube “boutique”-style amplifiers which this is a fantastic example of.

This amp was physically styled after the Fender Bassman, electronically and sonically, it was meant to mimic an early JMP Marshall. In 1992, Guitar Player Magazine conducted a one-to-one test with a 1973 JMP Marshall 50-watt amplifier head, and found the two sounded “very close."

Has an effects send and return with adjustable levels.

Super clean, all original and working great.

Sounds incredible!
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