Pre-owned circa 2000 Gitane Model DG-255 w/ PIckup and Hard Case

$ 995.00

Pre-owned circa 2000 Gitane Model DG-255 Gypsie Jazz guitar. This one features a pickup installed and a nice hard case, too!

Sure to be popular with any Gypsy Jazz guitar player. The Gitane DG-255 is a faithful recreation of the Selmer style jazz guitar that replaced the original Grand Bouche design of the early 1930’s. Easily recognizable in early photos of Django! With it’s longer scale length, it’s a breeze to play and the smaller sound hole gives the guitar it’s characteristic snap, percussive and focused sound required by aficionados. There is nothing else on the market that even comes close. Let Gitane Put the Gypsy in Your Soul!

Has an added side jack. Some honest signs of wear and age, generally excellent used condition.
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