1968 Fender Telecaster Custom Black w/ Original Hard Case

$ 8,999.00

This is a killer 1968 Fender Telecaster Custom that is priced well due to a Black re-finish.

Neck is nice and chunky, not too fat, and dated 3 JAN 68 B. Features a Rosewood fretboard that is super nice. Frets are in excellent condition and the guitar plays great all the way up and down without any buzz or issues.

Original pickups and pots and electronics though a few of the pickup wires have been replaced. Pots are dated '66 correct and original to the guitar. There is a route in the front pickup position. It has been restored to the original single coil neck pickup.

The whole guitar has been refinished. There is also ferrel holes in the back of the guitar as this may have been a regular Telecaster that the previous owner made into a Black Telecaster Custom with binding when they refinished it. Looks crazy cool the way it is.

A real cool vintage '68 Tele for a reasonable price.

Comes with original Fender vintage tolex hardshell case.
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