Circa 1953 Gibson ES-125 Sunburst

$ 2,199.00

Vintage circa 1953 Gibson ES-125.

A great playing vintage Gibson Hollowbody for a reasonable price.

The neck has a profile that is on the slim side for vintage Gibsons, but still pretty chunky by todays standards. It feels fantastic and is easy to get around on, playing great all the way up and down.

Original P-90 pickup sounds fantastic with a super warm, punchy tone that really lets the woodiness of the instrument pop through.

Excellent playing condition with some signs of normal honest cosmetic wear common to most vintage instruments. The tuners are reproduction tuners that are working great. The bridge has been replaced as has the tailpiece, and there has been a side-crack repair near the tail pin. Guitar plays great as is and is in other wise very clean condition.

Comes with a hard she'll case.
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