Vintage circa 1929 Gibson L-1 Acoustic Guitar

$ 3,999.00

Here's a beat but sweet circa 1929 "The Gibson" Gibson L-1 flattop acoustic that plays and sounds fantastic.   It's got lots of wear but man oh man does she sound and play great.   Tone is super warm and resonant.   Nothing like this old wood.   Super light.  Original "The Gibson" logo.   Original bridge still intact.   No breaks, don't even see any top cracks, a few professionally repaired back cracks.   Has a repro pickguard.   Neck angle is good and she plays with a low action without buzz or issues.   Has significant wear to the frets and neck.    She still plays great and has plenty of life left in her.    She's got songs in her.   A real cool vintage L-1 for nice price.  Comes with a nice vintage soft case, too.
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