1930 Regal Parlor Acoustic X Braced Conversion Sunburst

$ 895.00

Here is a vintage 1930s Regal from the Art Deco era that has been professionally converted to X-bracing with a nice rosewood pyramid bridge.

The 00 size is based on the 14.25" wide lower bout. The upper is 9.5". The scale length is 24".

1.75" Nut.

Basically a parlor guitar with a wide bottom.

The bracing has been professionally converted to X-bracing.

There is I also a 2 element pickup system that works well and sounds great.

Replaced rosewood pyramid bridge with a well intonated bone saddle. The nut is unbleached bone. The neck is straight and the original frets are leveled and crowned.

The action is low: .087" low E and .067" high E at fret 12 with no fret buzz. Intonation is also very good.

Strung 11 to 52 as demoed. The body is all solid birch.

A killer little parlor guitar that has had lots of professional work done to her.

Super sweet little guitar with a great tone perfect for recording and gigging.

Comes with a gig bag.
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